Artificial intelligence – a complex journey but an important one

Let’s face it – artificial intelligence is a complex subject. Despite having worked with digital technologies for a number of years now, I often find myself having to re-read information relating to AI to get my head around the concepts and techniques being covered. For those with only a limited understanding of computer science, I can fully appreciate how daunting the subject must seem at times. That said, the prevalence of these technologies means it is more important than ever that we possess at least a base knowledge of how they impact and influence our everyday lives.

With some of the smartest minds in technology warning of the implications of an AI gaining super intelligence – including such notable opponents as Elon Musk – it’s more important than ever that we have an appreciation for what these technologies represent so that we can ensure that their use is balanced and appropriate. A lack of understanding creates the potential for error and misuse - after all, we can't control what we don't understand.  Whilst you may not have any particular desire to establish a career in AI, by reading through the material I hope you'll develop enough knowledge to understand the themes driving progress within the field.

The posts here are designed to make artificial intelligence accessible. From introductory concepts, ideas and frameworks to in-depth analysis of the schools which have evolved around AI, by breaking these subjects down into bite sized-chunks I hope the site can provide enthusiasts of all levels with something they can take away with them.

Wherever you are in your journey into artificial intelligence, I hope that you find the resources here useful.