Welcome to Artificial Intelligenz. This site is a personal vanity project - an attempt to expand my own knowledge of a subject which has always held a personal interest but which I've never really studied in detail. The results - positive and negative - will play out here over the course of the coming years as I share my findings as I spend more time journeying into the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

I want to make it abundantly clear that I am not an expert in these fields. Much of the content here reflects what I'm reading - the thoughts, concepts and considerations of those much smarter than I. Whilst I have an extensive background in digital technology and innovation, my knowledge of AI - of its design and construct, its aims and ambitions, its potential and the potential threats - is, by my own admission, limited. As a professional tinkerer, however, I love taking things apart and really getting stuck into the details. What I hope to achieve is to make complex subject matter accessible. As AI gains traction in our everyday lives, making complex ideas and concepts accessible is something which I hope will prove valuable for readers...

My ambition for this site is for it to act as a resource for those who may also have more than a passing interest in AI - a map of learning if you like. There are sections of the site dedicated to useful resources, covering books, journals and papers I've found to be valuable in my reading, an AI glossary section highlighting the key terminology which has helped guide my understanding, and a blog examining key themes and considerations. I hope that at least some of these offer readers a degree of value in extended their own knowledge of the subject.

That's me. I'd encourage questions and comments, criticism and challenge, after all, we only progress through considered discussion. If my efforts to learn help others in the process then this project has more than succeeded in its aim.

Here's to what I hope is the foundation of a rather interesting and enlightening experience.


Lets get started...

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